Moments Singers who have been sexually harassed by their fans

Celebrity Sqoop
Celebrity Sqoop April 26, 2022
Updated 2022/04/26 at 9:19 AM

There has been an increase in sexual immorality in the music industry. This is portrayed mostly in music videos. A lot of videos trending contain nudity of both male and female characters. However, after the long COVID-19 lockdown, concerts have been open and fans have showed immoral behavior towards their favorite celebrities.

On videos circulating social media, we have seen a number of times musicians have been sexually harassed by fans of the opposite gender. You may think its only female artists going through this RIGHT? Nope! Even male artists have been through this hell on stage. Before we get to the main story, I have just a simple question to ask. Do you think artists enjoy being bad touched while on stage? What do you think is the cause of increased sexual harassment by fans? We shall get the answers after our list.

No 1. Vinka

Ugandan Female Artist Vinka aka Veronika is signed under Swangz Avenue. There is a time she went to perform in South Sudan where a male fan stretched his hand to touch her private genitals. In the video, Vinka was seen kicking back the fan only to be helped by the bouncers.

Watch the video here

2. Martha Mukisa

Black Magic Entertainment singer Martha Mukisa was left in total shock after a fan smoothly swiped a finger along her ‘Lusuku Lwa Seminti’ sumbie while performing on stage.

Martha was performing somewhere in Masaka during the just concluded Easter celebrations.

Among the recordings that were made, a hand came from the audience and touched her Sumbie, Martha was so quick to advise him to control his hands and horniness, or else he would be relocated to a very far position.

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Unlike fellow musicians like Vinka and Winnie Nwagi who always have no kindness toward misbehaving fans, the soft-spoken singer kept calm and proceeded with her performance as if nothing happened.

3. Ruger

A viral video were a young star artist, Ruger encountered an embarrassing moment with a female fan grabbing his private part, makes rounds on the internet. While some male musician may be indifferent about being touched in their body parts during shows and live performances, singer Ruger is however not comfortable with such behavior.

During his recent show, while performing one of his hit songs title ‘’Dior,“ singer Ruger gets closer to the edge of the stage just like most performing artist do, an overbearing female fan reached out and grabbed him in his private part which led to the singer yanking her hands off immediately and dashed off the stage in disgust.

Now comes our biggest question? Do you think the artists enjoy being harassed? What do you think is the cause of sexual harassment by fans?

The only answer I can genuinely give is that it the fault of musicians who dress inappropriately.

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